Flexible transaction routing worldwide

PayPipe™ enables global processing via a single interface

Arrange your personal payment mix

Maximum selection of payment schemes worldwide

Leverage your payment business

Exclusive market place for your payment business

Speed up your time to market internationally

Quick market entry by fast activation of required payment schemes

Simplify your payment world

Transactions are processed via one single interface

Connecting payment providers


About PayPipe™

PayPipe™ moves the payment world closer together

PayPipe™ is a routing gateway by PAY.ON, enabling global payment processing for payment providers such as PSPs, acquirers and scheme operators via one single interface. PayPipe™ allows payments to be processed with traditional as well as alternative payment methods and with real and virtual currencies. More than 250 payment providers are linked to PayPipe™. This makes PayPipe™ more than a global routing gateway: It is the biggest global network, growing each week by a further payment provider.

For Senders

Sending transactions to Receivers via PayPipe™

We refer to you as Sender in case you send transactions to acquirers, payment providers or scheme operators via PayPipe™. The recipient of these transactions is the Receiver. Depending on your requirements, we activate any payment scheme linked to PayPipe™ within 24 hours. PAY.ON arranges business relations with Receivers for you.

For Receivers

Receiving transactions from a Sender via PayPipe™

We refer to you as Receiver in case you receive transactions from payment providers, acquirers or scheme operators via PayPipe™. As a Receiver, PayPipe™ allows you to offer your services to hundreds of payment providers worldwide by connecting to only a single interface. We support you in marketing your products and offers through marketing and PR activities and through our sales team.

Product Information

PayPipe speeds up your access to worldwide markets.

Merchant Onboarding Solutions

New: merchant onboarding solutions by PaySourcing


Reselling offers

Partners about us

  • »We are very excited about working with PAY.ON as they have proven huge experience providing online payment services across the world. From a business perspective, Latin America is showing the highest growth in internet users and I believe this represents exciting opportunities for European businesses that are looking for new markets. Through the cooperation with PAY.ON we are further able to serve international payment service providers and expand our global merchant reach.«

    Lucas Keen
    DineroMail Business Development Manager

  • »Regarding online payment technologies, PAY.ON is on top of the business. We were very impressed with their know-how, professionalism and expertise. To us, PAY.ON is the perfect partner when it comes to payment solutions on the internet. We are delighted about the partnership.«

    Miriam Wohlfarth
    Managing Director and Co-founder of RatePAY

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PayPipe™ is a routing gateway by PAY.ON AG. 


PAY.ON country reports

PAY.ON publishes payment reports on countries and on special issues.


PayPipe™ Certification

Our Gateway Management supports you when connecting, testing and during qualification. The PayPipe™ certification ensures that you can safely and reliably work with the PayPipe™ infrastructure.


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